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Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I believe it's going to be an uphill battle to get talented people to put aside their hunger for riches and commerce-driven fame and get back to the mind set of the great composers of the past who were driven by the goal of creating great art even it it left them impoverished. Had Beethoven not had that in mind he would have been motivated by filling seats with people who did not have the taste or cultural education to appreciate his work by catering to their tastes and we would not have the works that are now venerated by critics but still remain unappreciated or even unknown by the bulk of the population. In my podcast I ask current composers in the classical genre to strive for art rather than popularity or money. But given the type of society that late capitalism has generated I doubt many will heed the call especially the most talented who can "make it" in our society by catering to prevailing standards.

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